RHEL 9.1 is now available – Release Notes for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.1

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9

Red Hat released RHEL 9.1 on 16 November 2022. RHEL 9 still has nine and half years of support left so deploying today gives you a stable base on which you can build. Here are links to the official announcement, release notes and related press articles.

New Features

  • It’s now possible to customize the /boot partition with image-builder
  • A new fetaure has been added to kickstart – --allow-ssh – to enable password-based SSH root logins
  • RHEL 9.1 introduces Keylime, a tool for attestation of remote systems, which uses the trusted platform module (TPM) technology. With Keylime, you can verify and continuously monitor the integrity of remote systems
  • RHEL 9.1 ships with the 5.14.0-162 kernel

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