Satellite 6 Reporting


Satellite 6.5 introduces a brand new feature – the Satellite Reporting engine. The default reports shipping with this release are:

  • Applicable errata (are my servers up to date with patches?)
  • Host Statuses
  • Registered Hosts (IP Addresses of hosts, O/S versions, Subscriptions, etc)
  • Subscriptions

As a result, these are a very good starting point on which you can base custom reports. Eager to get started? I highly recommend the following video showcasing the new functionality.

Producing reports on errata and subscription usage are well suited for Red Hat Satellite. The following articles related to reporting are also noteworthy if you are interested on generatig patching reports:

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One thought on “Satellite 6 Reporting

  1. Is there a good resource to educate us on how we expose specific values? I’ve found a few docs but, for example, I can’t find how to embed the “Comment” field (from All hosts -> Server -> Additional Information) into a report. How would I even look that up? Thanks much.

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