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Individual Developer subscription for RHEL can be used in production for up to 16 systems

Following on from the CentOS 8 and CentOS Stream announcement at the end of 2020, Red Hat has announced two new programs that sound really appealing for enthusiasts and small IT shops that only have a handful of RHEL servers.

Full details of the program and the official announcement: New Year, new Red Hat Enterprise Linux programs: Easier ways to access RHEL

No-cost RHEL for small production workloads

While CentOS Linux provided a no-cost Linux distribution, no-cost RHEL also exists today through the Red Hat Developer program. The program’s terms formerly limited its use to single-machine developers. We recognized this was a challenging limitation.

We’re addressing this by expanding the terms of the Red Hat Developer program so that the Individual Developer subscription for RHEL can be used in production for up to 16 systems. That’s exactly what it sounds like: for small production use cases, this is no-cost, self-supported RHEL. You need only to sign in with a free Red Hat account (or via single sign-on through GitHub, Twitter, Facebook, and other accounts) to download RHEL and receive updates. Nothing else is required. This isn’t a sales program and no sales representative will follow up. An option will exist within the subscription to easily upgrade to full support, but that’s up to you.


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